Gilmer County Board of Education Monthly Meeting - 07.20.15 - Today

The Gilmer Free Press
Gilmer County Board of Education
Gilmer County High School
Monday, July 20, 2015 – 6:00 PM

I. CALL TO ORDER - Roll Call by President




        A.  Minutes: June 01, 2015 (Special Meeting)

        B.  Student Transfers

        C.  School Volunteers

        D.  Field Trips

        E.  Policies

        F.  Curriculum



        A.  CGCC-Dr. Carl Armour – June 16, 2015

        B. RESA 7- Dr. William Simmons

        C. Clarification of Assignments, Roles & Responsibilities of individual board members - request by Carl Armour

        D. Truancy-request by Carl Armour

        A. Monthly Financial Report

        B. Financial Statement

        C. Accounts Payable

        D. Curriculum

        E. 2015-2016 Board Meeting dates

The next Regular Board Meeting is Monday, August 17, 2015



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~~~ Readers' Comments ~~~

Gilmer County’s School Board had responsibility for less than 15% of the total finances and most of it was for non discretionary spending.

In reality the State makes all financial decisions in intervened counties with expectations for a local board’s after-the-fact rubber stamping. This makes a board’s financial role essentially ceremonial.

The Gilmer board had no authority of any kind to make decisions for facilities. The State wanted to move board offices to a larger and more expensive location to cover for money lost by the Gilmer County Commission.

The Commission had approved the move of the Minnie Hamilton health facility to GSC’s WACO center to give GSC badly needed rent revenue, and the empty medical space was not generating any money.

The State tried to cajole the board to approve the board office move to the Minnie Hamilton space. The reason was that the State wanted to be able to say that it had the board’s backing to take heat off for the move.

Another facet was that the board was not given a full accounting of the costs for the move to be fully informed of the total financial consequences.

Balking occurred, the State was outraged, and the WVBOE penalized the board for not going along in lockstep by stripping it of all authority for finances.

This is one more example of how the WVBOE misuses the public’s scarce education dollars for purposes other than benefiting WV’s school children.

By Charleston WVDE Mole  on  07.10.2015

This is an unambiguous message from Susan O’Brien and the WVBOE that Gabe Devono has absolute dictatorial power to seal the fate for what the OEPA does next.

What clearer order could there be for the board to go along 100% with Gabe or to risk a longer period of intervention?

Be like lemmings going over a cliff or else is what O’Brien and the WVBOE demand. Don’t question the wisdom of anything.

Keep quiet, rubber stamp, let statutes, rules and regulations be broken without a whimper.

Never ask if money being spent will do the most good in improving our education system.

Never ask if the State is bankrupting the County.

Never ask what could be done to increase the pay of our teachers and staffs.

Never ask how the coming 30+ person riff could be eased up to protect our teachers and staffs.

Never ask how the long ride of small children to and from the Hays City school could be dealt with more humanely so the trauma will not have an adverse effect on learning.

Never ask for information about finances, personnel or anything else to try to be an informed elected official.

Never ask for specifics regarding how the County’s school system is any better off following intervention. 

Above all else, never question what could be done to do better in preparing Gilmer’s students for college and careers.

If 50% of the high school’s grads cannot do math and read that outcome must be supported as entirely acceptable as boasting occurs about the quality of the County’s school system under intervention.

By Benny Foats  on  07.10.2015

Right on time to stop the flow of information about Minnie Hamilton debacle.

Will the State use this to hide what they spend because they gave themselves full control of where to spend it?  If this happens it is time for FOIA requests.

Seems no one on the Gilmer Board was going to be allowed to question or say no to anything about where the money went despite what the MOU said.  What control did they have to begin with?

By WV Politics Business As Usual  on  07.10.2015

What is meant by item # 1 ?
Amend MOU about finance?

By reader5  on  07.10.2015

Very little information here.
Dr. Simmons promised when he was elected to school board, he knew all the “big boys” in Charleston, and would soon get our schools back.

Think that’s over three years ago now.  What is up with that?  That’s why many we know voted for him?

By W.E.S.  on  07.10.2015

Reader 5 it means the state took back control of what little finance they had said the board would have control of.

By No Checks & Balances Now  on  07.10.2015

The Gazette, Mail and Public Broadcasting reported on the state board election of officers that all three officers received only one nay vote which came from Dr. William White of Bluefield. White, who caveated his no vote by saying he still intends to work with the team in full cooperation, said he could not vote for board leaders who were nominated after private discussions.

White said a select group of the board’s nine members were included in conversations about the nominees for the posts before the meeting. He said he was not interested in one of the positions, nor did he believe the outcomes would have been different had an open conversation taken place.

“It’s about transparency,” he said after the meeting. “All nine members’ voices should have been heard.”

By How Can They Judge Gilmer?  on  07.10.2015

Was the black member of this board included in the “meeting before the meeting”?

By apology needed ?  on  07.10.2015

Imagine that. After the way Gilmer County has been treated a member of the WVBOE has the nerve to complain about the lack of transparency in that organization.

By E. Rupert  on  07.10.2015

And back it goes to the Gilmer County Commission.  Could this be the reason no videos have been allowed on the Free Press since Commission members switched seats for the President position? 

Mr. Chapman, can you please explain to the citizens why the videos and meeting minutes are unavailable to the citizens since you took over?

By Videos show it's true  on  07.10.2015

Yes Mr. White, it is about transparency.  How many of the Gilmer County Board of Education members did you speak with before you voted to amend?
Kudos to you for speaking out and revealing how corrupt actions by WVBOE can be.
Shame on you for not asking for more information from the true stakeholders before making a decision about Gilmer County.
That’s how intervention gets started and never stopped. WVBOE talks at the people you all should be talking with.

By Not Surprised  on  07.10.2015

Wonder how new BOE President Green feels now that the public knows his selection boiled down to a closed door negotiation and not votes for his leadership capabilities?

By More Technology?  on  07.10.2015

Rule #1 for intervention is shut up and sit down.

Rule #2 Refer to rule #1

Gilmer knows Board Super called Charleston to bring the OEPA in while the Board President chimed in. If they can’t tell you what to do then Charleston will!

Gilmer BOE have you had enough of the ex-GSC Pres yet?

By It's Time For a Change  on  07.11.2015

Thank you Mr. White for your bold step for what is right for West Virginia education.

Sadly, in GC the same situation happens time and time again.

Watch and listen to the local board meetings and you observe that Gabe Devano and Bill Simmons do the same thing.

All board members are to be participating in discussion and decisions.

Decisions that should be made by the board have all ready happened prior to the meeting.

It is clear with Simmons as board president, nothing is better in GC education.

Anyone in disagreement, post your list of improvements.

By the click runs WVBE  on  07.11.2015

It ought to be obvious by now that the state of WV and the federal government have decided that they know more about education than parents and teachers know.  The state is not going to give up control and will eventually take over all WV districts, unless the WV Board of Education is disbanded totally and stripped of all of its powers.  It is not an elected board and has no right to control one dollar of taxpayer funding.  If local people control education, it works.  It does not take new, fancy buildings or the latest computer technology to provide quality education.  It takes dedicated teachers who can inspire students to want to learn.  Nothing else.

By Karen Pennebaker  on  07.11.2015

The Click Runs comment is one of the best so far to expand to everything involving intervention.

It would be informative to Gilmer County if Charleston would give a detailed report for everything positive it has achieved the past four years to prove that its intervention has improved educations of our children and the County’s school system in general.

This invitation is extended to Ms.O’Brien, Mr. Greene, Ms. Daniel, and Dr. Martirano.

Our legislators are invited to participate in the opportunity and so is Mr. Gabriel Devono.

By Art Bowers  on  07.11.2015

West Virginia Board of Education President is quoted, November 2012, publicly stated and publicly published:

“it is paramount that the public voice continues to be heard”.

It did not state ‘except Gilmer County School Board’

By Beall Family  on  07.11.2015

Devono should have to justify how the Minnie Hamilton move will benefit our children in addition to giving the full truth about the financial costs compared to how they are now.

We hear reference to taxation without representation and this move is a prime example of it while needs of our children go unfilled.

No wonder the State does not want Gilmer’s board to ask questions and for its members to blindly support the move.

The WVBOE has shown its dictatorial colors once more with this decision. Keep quiet or we will pounce on you is the message to Gilmer County.

By Mike Foster  on  07.12.2015

Local residents remember the mid-90’s when one almost destroyed Glenville College.
What is happening with our local schools is simply history repeating itself.

Another trail of destruction and additional human casualties.

Some people never know they are being used and laughed at by the same people.

By $500,000.00 law suit was paid out  on  07.12.2015

Dare we ask the who, what and where of such a large payout?  And on a Sunday??

By Curious  on  07.12.2015

Would venture a guess GSC staff, administrators, could connect the dots back to days of yore.

By just saying  on  07.12.2015

Extravagant and unnecessary spending on administrative furnishings when academics lack adequate funding.  Where have we heard that before?

So willing to spend other peoples money but didn’t think to hire an office space designer and get an assessment to see if the current space is being utilized to its maximum efficiency?

By D R Flack  on  07.13.2015

The GFP is the only way Gilmer County gets real news. How about Curious explaining the significance of the reference to Sunday and the payoff? Sounds like there is important information out there the rest of us do not have.

By K.F. Allan  on  07.13.2015

No oversight by State.
No demographics study to determine school placement needs.

Let Blankenship and Simmonds find the BEST location.

Might have prevented the West Virginia State Board of Education’s big blunder with their purchase of the Crooked Run site?

Never learn from there past experiences?  Just keep repeating the same old blunders?

In order to frost our WVBOE cake, we will build a new elementary school, next to a river, in a flood zone, on top of a known dump site? 

Same location that the West Virginia School Building Authority rejected when John Bennett was Gilmer Superintendent.

Brilliant move.

By see what the PhD. boys bought you  on  07.13.2015

Who is the bright star that decided to jump rent cost from about 600 dollars to almost 3000 dollars when its projected in the next 2 years we will DECREASE almost 200 students?

By taxpayer  on  07.13.2015

Court house officials report that it is about $2400 more a month and there is about 1,000 sq. ft. more space.

Renovation and remodeling costs must be paid, costs for a new telephone system too after more than $150,000 was already paid in the annex.

The new space must be rewired for computers and there are more costs plus 30+ school system personnel will be riffed when Gilmer goes from 5 schools to 2.

Why the sudden need for more office space at extra costs when we are downsizing?

Only unaccountable bureaucrats who spend public money recklessly would come up with something like this.

No wonder OBrien at the WVOEPA and the State Board took it out on the County when some board members asked questions.

They did not want the public to know how Gilmer’s money is being mismanaged.

The move is Mr. Devono’s baby so let him explain
the State’s way out of this newest blunder thanks to intervention.

By Bert McMasters  on  07.13.2015

There is a mystery. Last year after the State changed to Republican there was a report that the new WV Legislature was investigating what happened with the County’s money to include the Cedar Creek flop leading to building the new school east of town.

Then word was circulated by a local person with Charleston pull that leverage was used to cancel the investigation.

Republican members of the new WV Legislature involved with managing the State’s finances should explain what happened. Were they scared off?

By Ralph Page  on  07.13.2015

Paper reported per the Commission meeing that the BOE had 1025 feet upstairs in annex and the lease at MH printed here showed over 3200 feet.  Big, big, big increase for a small county that already has all but about four people in private offices if you go take a look around at the annex.  Seems the Superintendent feels more office administrators or “directors” are the way to go.  Why is that?  Why do they have to be right next to him?  Shouldn’t literacy grant and Teaching coaches have offices at the schools? (or should I say school?)

By Chuck Alexander  on  07.14.2015

The accountability failure comes from the top. Our elected finance officials in Charleston in particular have failed us.

The Senate Chair of Finances is Senator Hall and the vice chair is Senator Walters.

On the House side the Chair is Delegate Nelson and the vice chair is Delegate Ashley.

Those officials could demand an investigation of what happened in Gilmer County including mismanagement at Cedar Creek and other examples including wasted money for the move to the old Minnie Hamilton facility.

By P K. Wells  on  07.14.2015

Every person at the WVBOE and DOE is paid with dollars or fees in some form or another collected from the public.  Why is it there are no answers coming from Charleston as to what has improved since intervention?  Speak with your representatives on the local board.  You will learn only one is ever invited to discuss any issue.  Only one gives his opinion without talking to the others.  Only one is appointed to planning committees.  Only one voice is ever heard. History repeats itself.

By Learned the Hard Way  on  07.14.2015

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The Gilmer Free Press

(July 08, 2015)

Submitted by Patricia A Lowther
Director of Special Programs
Gilmer County Schools

Policy 4350 is based on requirements of Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), as amended. Requirements specific to records of identified exceptional students are incorporated into this policy.

Records must be maintained for 5 years following the student’s graduation. At that time, public notification shall inform parents/eligible students of timelines when personally identifiable information collected, maintained, or used is no longer needed to provide educational services to the student.

If notification is not received from the parent/eligible students requesting that the documentation be mailed to them, records will be destroyed in a timely fashion.

Any student who graduated in 2006, 2007, 2008, or 2009 from Gilmer County High School and received special education services while attending elementary or high schools (this includes the gifted program), may contact the Director of Special Programs at 304.462.7386 x 105 or 106, to make arrangements to pick up your file or have it mailed.

If notification has not been received at the Gilmer County Board of Education Office by Thursday, December 31, 2015 at 4:00 PM, then the 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009 graduating class special education files will be destroyed. If you are aware of someone who graduated with this class whose records we may be holding, please notify them so they may contact our office before the deadline.

Gilmer County Residents Graduate from GSC

The Gilmer Free Press

GLENVILLE, WV—Ten Gilmer County students were awarded their degrees during the 141st Glenville State College Commencement Ceremony on Saturday, May 09, 2015.

The GSC Class of 2015 is made up of students who completed their degree requirements in May 2015 and who hail from throughout West Virginia, other states, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Canada, and Serbia.

    •  Keith A. Cummings of Glenville graduated with a Regents Bachelor of Arts degree.

    •  Samuel J. Dennison of Glenville graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice with concentrations in Corrections and Law Enforcement.

    •  Meghan N. Luzader of Sand Fork graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioral Science with a minor in Criminal Justice.

    •  Robert T. Nicholas of Glenville graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Political Science with minors in Psychology and Sociology.

    •  Andrea E. Osborne of Glenville graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Education degree in Elementary Education (K-6) and General Math-Algebra I Education (5-9).

    •  Jodie L. Parsons of Normantown graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Education degree in Elementary Education (K-6) and Multi-Categorical Education (K-6).

    •  Heather C. Patterson of Glenville graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioral Science with a minor in Studio Art.

    •  Amber D. Shackleford of Glenville graduated with a Regents Bachelor of Arts degree.

    •  Tiffany A. Tomey of Glenville graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphics & Digital Media.

    •  Ashley D. Woodford of Cox’s Mills graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree in Accounting, Computer and Information Systems, and Management.

Founded in 1872, Glenville State College is a public liberal arts institution located in Glenville, West Virginia. The college offers many four-year degree programs and 13 NCAA Division II athletic teams.

The Gilmer Free Press

GCPSD Annual Drinking Water Quality Report - 06.22.15

Click   H E R E   for Printable Copy of the Report

The Gilmer Free Press

Click   H E R E   for Printable Copy of the Report

CommunityConcerns™: Aborted Gilmer County Special School Board Meeting on June 01, 2015

The Gilmer Free Press

Nothing in Gilmer County escapes public attention and news of the school board meeting demonstrates how information cannot be kept secret.

Here is THE CLEAN version of what happened:

Mr. Devono engaged two lawyers to attend the Gilmer County Board of Education Special Meeting.

After the meeting stalled one lawyer discussed the possibility of continuing by permitting the second lawyer who was there to report on what was learned from deeds for property at Glenville Elementary, Sand Fork Elementary, Troy Elementary, and Normantown Elementary Schools. The purpose related to options for disposing of the property.

One of the questions in need of answering was ownership of the land after a school is closed by the State. Specifically, would the land revert to ownership to the family who had donated it to the County for a school?

Prior to a decision on proceeding with the meeting Dr. Carl Armour suggested that someone in authority should be called to get instructions if the change for the meeting would be legally permissible.

His rationale pertained to the unusual circumstances. Instead of the second lawyer giving his report, the first lawyer called a person he identified as someone at the WV Ethics Commission.

The opinion given by the Charleston official was that the meeting should not proceed. There was an error in the published agenda with the entry that the board would make a decision on the board office being moved to the old Minnie Hamilton site.

Also, there is a provision in the West Virginia Open Government Proceedings Act (WVOGPA) that because the agenda was erroneous and a public notice was not filed with corrections within two business days of the meeting, continuing with the meeting would violate the Act.

After Mr. Devono heard the opinion from the Ethics Commission authority he ended the meeting.

Mr. Devono stated that the meeting would be rescheduled and he said later that the board office move issue would be on the agenda for the regular monthly meeting on June 15, 2015.

It was understood that had Gilmer County’s school board acted on Mr. Devono’s proposed move to the old Minnie Hamilton site that would have been inappropriate for local board to do in addition to reasons covered by the WVOGPA.

First, the board lacked authority to take any action whatsoever on anything related to facilities because of the WVBOE’s intervention restrictions.

Second, an action at the special meeting pertaining to an office move would have made the board vulnerable to criticism for exceeding its authority under the State’s intervention restrictions when a future WV Office of Education Performance Audits
would occur.

The special meeting had been called by Mr. Gabriel Devono.

The Gilmer Free Press



Gilmer County Board of Education Regular Meeting - 06.15.15 - Today

The Gilmer Free Press
Gilmer County Board of Education
Gilmer County High School
Monday, June 15, 2015 – 6:00 PM

I. CALL TO ORDER - Roll Call by President




        A. Minutes: May 12,14,18, and June 01, 2015 (Regular & Special) 

        B. Budget Supplements & Transfers

        C.  Financial Statement/Treasurer’s Report

        D.  Accounts Payable

        E.  Student Transfers

        F.  School Volunteers

        G.  Field Trips

A list of invoices is available for review in the Central Office.


        A. Discussion with legal counsel regarding real estate: (Item may require executive session pursuant to WV Code 6-9A-4 (9))


        A. Preventive Maintenance-Joe Frashure


        A.  CGCC-  Dr. Carl Armour – May 19, 2015

        B. RESA 7- Dr. William Simmons

        C. Plan for Gilmer CGCC Students to take remedial training in English/Reading and Math.- Request by Dr. Carl Armour

        D. Emergency Preparedness Plan for Gilmer County Elementary School-request by Dr.Carl Armour

        E. Truancy-request by Dr.Carl Armour


G-Eye™: Gilmer County Board of Education Special Meeting Report - 06.01.15

The Gilmer Free Press
Central Office
Monday, June 01, 2015
4:00 PM

Although it is not the policy of the Free Press to edit meeting videos, this particular meeting was edited at the end for the use of inappropriate language to protect our younger readers (about 15 Seconds).  To be clear, the following Board of Education participants on this video DID NOT use inappropriate language and WERE NOT edited:  Mr. Gabriel Devono, Mr. Thomas Ratliff, Mr. Carl Armour and Mrs. Norma Hurley. Mrs. Pritt was absent.

I. Call to Order

II. Pledge of Allegiance

III. Action on Proposed Real Estate between the Gilmer County Board of Education and the Gilmer County Health Center Operations Board of Trustees for the purpose of relocating the central office of the Gilmer County Board of Education.

IV. Discussion (no action) with legal counsel regarding real estate.

V. Adjournment

This Agenda Published Publicly does not indicate any executive session. The Issue is not an emergency, involving personnel, purchase or sale of property. Additionally, since the local board does not have any control over facilities or personnel, why is the superintendent is asking the local board to decide on something they have no control over? It is our observation that the procedures in this meeting were against the parliamentary procedures and Robert’s Rules of Order. Additionally, we feel the entire procedure was unethical.

Field Day for Gilmer Elementary Students

Gilmer County 1st and 2nd grade students, parents, and staff joined together for fun and collaboration on Friday, June 05, 2015 at the Glenville State College I.L. and Sue Morris Football Stadium.

Students arrived at 10:00AM where they broke into groups led by 1st, 2nd , Title I, and Preschool teachers from Troy, Sand Fork, Glenville and Normantown.

Students rotated through 15 minute stations lead by parent volunteers.

Track and field activities included a bean bag toss, long jump, parachute, spoon zoom, and yarn ball toss.

Inflatables were also provided for enjoyment.

At Noon students enjoyed a picnic lunch and enjoyed a tour of the WACO Center. 

The Gilmer Free Press

The Gilmer Free Press

The Gilmer Free Press

The Gilmer Free Press

The Gilmer Free Press

The Gilmer Free Press

G-Eye™: Gilmer County Board of Education Meeting Report - 05.18.15

The Gilmer Free Press


Gilmer County Board of Education
Gilmer County High School
Monday, May 18, 2015 – 6:00 PM

I. CALL TO ORDER - Roll Call by President

Roll Call by the president, All members present




Please Watch the Video


      A. Minutes: April 14, 20,21,30 May 01, 2015 (Regular & Special)


TUESDAY, APRIL 14, 2015 - 5:00 PM


The meeting was called to order at 5:00 PM by President Simmons. All members were present.


Misty Pritt led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Misty Pritt moved and Tom Ratliff seconded a motion to enter into executive session for a suspension hearing at 5:08 PM.

Norma Hurley move to accept the Superintendent’s recommendation to expel a senior male student from Gilmer County High School for the remainder of the 2014-2015 school year as a result of a level 4 violation and to exclude the student from extracurricular activities for the remainder of the school year. Motion was seconded by Misty Pritt. Motion passed 5-0.

Misty Pritt moved and Tom Ratliff seconded to return from executive session at 5:42 PM. Motion passed 5-0.

Meeting was recessed.

Meeting was reconvened at 5:43 PM.


Normantown’s preschoolers presented a sign-language interpretation of the Pledge of Allegiance to those present including board members, Superintendent Devono, and Robin Bourn, Tracy Arden, Mary A. Miller, Mary K. Miller, Shannon Wood, Julie Beckner, Kris Snyder, Kathy Harubin, Vada Woodford, Bristol Woodford, Julie Allen, Julie Stewart, Pat Wilmoth, Jessica Goodrich, Allison Beall, Doug Beall, Izetta Brannon, Angie Ball, Regina Hall, Tina Miller, Faye Chambers and Dendra Miller.

Highlights of the school year were presented by Principal, Faye Chambers. They included a trip to the capitol to be recognized by Delegates Hanshaw and Boggs during the opening session of the House of Delegates on March 10, 2015 for academic excellence. Normantown Elementary School was recognized as a SUCCESS School, High Performing School and a Title I Distinguished School in the 2012-2013 school year.

Videos were presented to those in attendance highlighting school activities as well as student academic awards. Those students were: James Mohr-4th place and David Brannon 5th place in Math Field Day. Literacy Fair winners were Owen Thomas, Daisy Snyder and Rachel Phares. The WV State Young Writer award was given to James Mohr.


The meeting adjourned at 6:38 PM on a motion by Tom Ratliff and a second by Misty Pritt. Motion carried 5-0.


The Board of Education of the County of Gilmer Monday, April 20, 2015 - 6:00 PM Gilmer County High School


The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM by President, Dr. Williams Simmons.


Members present: Misty Pritt, Tom Ratliff, William Simmons, Carl Armour, Norma Hurley and Gabriel J. Devono, Secretary.

Others Present: David Ramezan, Nasia Butcher, Kyre-Anna Minney, Michelle Raines, Karen McClain, Rick Kinder, Cheryl Strothers, Cherri West and Kim Bonnett.


Norma Hurley led the Board in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Cherri West

Tom Ratliff moved to approve the A-G Consent Agenda items. Misty Pritt seconded. Discussion occurred regarding contingencies and financial packets. Superintendent asked for consensus on Field Trip approval from the Board regarding out-of-state trips. Clarification was made regarding Student Transfers for next school year.

Motion passed 4-1. Norma Hurley voted no. There were no Volunteers to approve.


Tom Ratliff moved to approve A-E. Discussion occurred regarding textbook adoptions. Misty Pritt seconded. Motion passed 5-0.

NASIA BUTCHER-Principal. Gilmer County High School Concerns were discussed regarding Gilmer County High School.


Superintendent gave April 30, 2015 5:00 PM finance meeting notice.

The Sand Fork LSIC meeting will follow at 5:30 PM.

Mr. Devono gave May 01, 2015,11:00 AM as a board meeting date with in-service to be presented by Howard O’Cull and Jason Long. Mr. Devono discussed with presenting the board with a letter of concern at the end of the meeting.
Dr. Simmons requested a five minute recess at 7:01 PM. Meeting resumed at 7:06 PM.


Dr. Armour reported on the Calhoun-Gilmer Career Center meeting of March 17 2015.

Dr. Simmons reported on RESA 7 and Gilmer County Planning Committee and Masonic Stone at Gilmer County Elementary.

The next regular meeting of the Board of Education will be May 18, 2015, 6:00 PM at Gilmer County High School.


Misty Pritt moved and Tom Ratliff seconded that the meeting adjourn at 7:35 PM. Motion carried unanimously.


The Board of Education of the County of Gilmer Tuesday, April 21, 2015 - 8:00 AM Board of Education Office.


The meeting was resumed from the March 16, 2015 meeting at 8:00 AM by President, Dr. William Simmons.


Members present: Carl Armour, Misty Pritt, Tom Ratliff, William Simmons, Norma Hurley and Gabriel J. Devono, Secretary.

Others present: Kendra Brown


Norma Hurley moved and Misty Pritt seconded motion to approve Levy Rates.


Tom Ratliff moved and Misty Pritt seconded that the meeting adjourn at 8:15. Motion passed unanimously.

Thursday, April 30, 2015 - 5:00 PM


OTHERS PRESENT-Shelly Mason, Carolyn Taylor, Ashley Wells, Adam Stewart, Alex Conrad, Anna Mason, Carissa Thorne, Ronnie Facemire, Tracy Thorne, Owen, Alyssa, Brentin, Seth Stewart, Bonnie Klotz, Ashley Talbott, Crystal Conrad, Connie L. Grogg, Erica Dennison, Tanya Stewart, Devin Shackleford, Lucas Ward, Sharon S. Jones and T. Matthew Butcher.



Budget was presented to board members and will be approved on May 18, 2015.

Meeting was recessed at 5:20 PM. Meeting reconvened at 6:00 PM

LSIC-Shelly Mason

A. Recognition of SFES student achievements

B. Student presentations


Misty Pritt moved that the meeting adjourn. Motion was seconded by Tom Ratliff. Meeting adjourned at 6:55 PM.


      B. Budget Supplements & Transfers

      C.  Financial Statement/Treasurer’s Report

      D.  Accounts Payable

      E.  Student Transfers

      F.  School Volunteers

      G.  Field Trips

Above line items were not provided to us/public by the superintendent.

      A.  Adopt State Policy 2419

      B.  Dinsmore & Shohl

      C.  County Office

      D.  Groundbreaking

      A. Summer School-Cherri West

      B. Smarter Balance Testing

      C. Financial Information


      A.  CGCC-  Dr. Carl Armour – April 21, 2015


Calhoun-Gilmer Administrative Council Official Minutes April 21, 2015

Members Present:
Mr. Jason Hughes, Presiding
Mr. Dan Minney
Mrs. Darlene Smithson
Mrs. Jenna Jett, Calhoun
Dr. Carl Armour, Gilmer
Mr. Bryan P. Sterns, Secretary

Others Present:
Lisa Moore

Mr. Gabe Devono
Mr. Timothy Woodward

Mr. Dan Minney substituting for Mr. Woodward.
Mrs. Darlene Smithson substituting for Mr. Devono.

ITEM I-Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Mr. Hughes at 11:00 AM

ITEM II - Agenda Adjustments


ITEM III - Delegations


ITEM IV - Approval of Minutes

The minutes of March 17, 2015 were presented for approval. Mrs. Jenna Jett moved to approve the minutes as presented; second by Mrs. Smithson. Motion carried. Vote: Unanimous.

ITEM V-Reports

ALC/Option Pathway: Mr. Sterns invited Mrs. Kris Snyder to speak to the council about the ALC program. Mrs. Snyder discussed the program and its benefits for the students. The council was informed of the current enrollment numbers for each program; ALC, Option Pathway, ALC Support, and evening ALC. Council was impressed with the programs and felt it was an incredible asset to the students.

Embedded Credit Policy Progress: Mr. Sterns asked council members for updates from both counties on the Embedded Credit Policy progress. Mrs. Jett informed him that Calhoun had already passed the Policy and Dr. Armour confirmed that Gilmer passed their policy at their most recent board meeting.

SkillsUSA Presentation: Two CGCC students corroborated on a Skills USA power point presentation to show council members. The power point highlighted the SkillsUSA competition that took place on April 10 and April 11th at Camp Dawson. Mr. Sterns followed the presentation by adding that he was very proud of our teams and students.

Program Modernization Proposals: As a final report, Mr. Sterns informed Council members that CGCC had submitted two proposals for a Program Modernization Grant. Welding and Law and Public Safety had both made proposals.

ITEM VI - New Business

ABCD: Financial Matters: The list of bills, an additional list of bills, the financial report, and the CGCC Individual School Financial Report for March were presented for approval. Dr. Armour moved to approve the financial matters as presented; seconded by Mrs. Smithson.  Motion carried. Vote: Unanimous.

E: Personnel:  There were no personnel matters to attend to.

F: Posting Practices: Mr. Sterns presented council members with a previous posting of the Math Teacher to open discussion regarding posting practice. . Posting practice was discussed in such that council felt Mr. Sterns had privilege of continuously posting for a position without waiting for the next Administrative Council meeting. No action was taken.

G. General Discussion:

School Calendar: There was some discussion on the school calendar. Dr. Armour stated that Gilmer had approved their 2015-2016 calendar at their most recent board meeting. Calhoun has yet to approve a final calendar as they still have one public meeting remaining. Mr. Minney reported that the most recent Draft has only six days difference between the two counties’ calendar. Mr. Sterns told the council that CGCC will be pleased with the counties having similar calendars.

PT Conference/LSIC meeting: Mr. Sterns informed Council members that CGCC held their PT Conference/LSIC meeting on April 15, 2015.

Senior Appreciation Day: Council was informed that Senior Appreciation Day will be held at CGCC on May 19, 2015 at 1 PM. Mr. Sterns told Council that they will be receiving their invitations by mail as well as parents, both high school principals and guidance counselors.

Gilmer Elementary Sixth Grade Visits: Currently, two Gilmer County sixth grade classes are scheduled to tour CGCC. Normantown Elementary is scheduled for a visit on June 02, 2015 and Sand Fork Elementary is visiting on June 03, 2015. This will be the first attempt at middle school presentations. Mr. Sterns is working with Gilmer County Guidance Counselor, Daniel Reed on this effort.

Small Business Workshop: Mr. Sterns informed Council that the facility will be used by Wood County for a small business workshop on May 05, 2015.
National Technical Honor Society: Currently there are fourteen CGCC students being inducted into the National Technical Honor Society.

WVU-P Articulated Credit: Mr. Sterns informed Council that he and Mr. Jackson of Law and Public Safety had met with officials at WVU-P regarding students being able to receive a certificate in Criminal Justice from WVU-P. More information will be provided to Council at a later date as this is in a preliminary planning stage.

Radio: As mentioned at the previous Council meeting there have been a couple of situations where CGCC has needed to reach our Gilmer bus Driver, Colin Hartshorn and have been unable to do so. After acquiring information from Joe Frashure, Gilmer County Transportation Director, a new radio will have to be purchased. CGCC received a quote for the appropriate radio system of approximately $1400.00. Mr. Sterns told council that after review, it was noted that Calhoun purchased the current radio system for CGCC. Mr. Sterns asked Council if Gilmer would consider sharing the cost for the upgrade to a new radio system. Dr. Armour stated that he would look into it further. The new radio would give CGCC the ability to communicate with both counties.

ITEM VII - Adjournment and Scheduling of Next Meeting

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Calhoun-Gilmer Administrative Council will be held on Tuesday May 19, at 11:00 AM. With no further business occurring, the meeting adjourned.

Mr. Jason Hughes, Presiding
Mr. Bryan P. Sterns, Secretary


      A. RESA 7- Dr. William Simmons


Gilmer County Family Court Report - 05.13.15

The Gilmer Free Press

Gilmer County Family Court Judge Larry Whited took the following actions Wednesday, May 11, 2015:

One divorce was granted:

    •  Tammy Shiflet (50) of Glenville, WV divorced Larry Shiflet (56) of Normantown, WV

    •  On May 13, 2015 Shelley Lyn Pickens(52 ) of Annville, PA divorced James Alan Pickens (53) of Racine, OH.

    •  Also on May 13, 2015 Glendon Guy Ashley (48) of Glenville divorced Tressa Kay Ashley (46) of undisclosed address.

    •  One divorce was dismissed because parties failed to appear.

    •  One contempt petition was dismissed for the second time due to not submitting the final order to consider with the petition.

G-Eye™: Spring Gobbler

Spring Gobbler - Daren Hendershot
The Gilmer Free Press

CommunityConcerns™: Students and Parents Concerned about Mascot

The following mascot images were sent out to all the Gilmer County Elementary Schools asking principals to have their students select one mascot image they like best and to vote for it.

The votes have been recorded and forwarded to the GCBOE Office.

Option 1

The Gilmer Free Press

Option 2

The Gilmer Free Press

Option 3

The Gilmer Free Press

Following was the accompanying instructions to each principal:

Attached are our three “options” for the Gilmer Elementary Mascot design as voted on by our planning committee. (GCHS students created these designs initially.)

During the last meeting, the committee elected to have all Gilmer students in grades PreK-6th vote to choose “the one” out of three for our new elementary school. This design will be used in the future for may purposes such as a graphics on the inside of the building on walls, letterhead, student materials, and more.

Can you please have all of your students vote (PreK-6) to help with this process?

Please send me the attached chart filled in with your school results on or before our June 1st administrative meeting.

FYI – in case you have questions through this process…

*The name of the school will be Gilmer County Elementary.

*The wildcats will be our mascot.

*Black, blue, and silver will be the school colors.

These images were shown to the students in Pre-K to 6th grade.
Here are some of the responses from the student after they saw the images to their parents and friends:

“oh, that is scary!!“

“too mean and scary”

“that thing looks evil”

“none are good to vote for”

… and the list goes on.

We have heard many reactions to the mascot choices which due to the vast numbers we feel there is a real Community Concern.

The Concerns are NEITHER criticizing the artistic ability of the designer, NOR are taking away from the artistry of the images at all. However, these designs seem much too fierce of an image for an elementary school mascot!!!!

Who decided these were the best images to choose and show to students?

If our young students’ reactions are any indication, we feel the new school’s mascot needs further thought and review before a final decision is made.

We feel it is very important to inform the ADULT citizens of this county about this.

We are sure the majority of parents and taxpayers are unaware of this decision being made by the children and “new Gilmer Elementary School Committee”!

The following are some of the images submitted to us by the citizen:

The Gilmer Free PressThe Gilmer Free Press
The Gilmer Free PressThe Gilmer Free Press

Gilmer County Board of Education Meeting - 05.18.15 - Today

The Gilmer Free Press
Gilmer County Board of Education
Gilmer County High School
Monday, May 18, 2015 – 6:00 PM

I. CALL TO ORDER - Roll Call by President





      A. Minutes: April 14, 20,21,30 May 01, 2015 (Regular & Special)

      B. Budget Supplements & Transfers

      C.  Financial Statement/Treasurer’s Report

      D.  Accounts Payable

      E.  Student Transfers

      F.  School Volunteers

      G.  Field Trips

      A.  Adopt State Policy 2419

      B.  Dinsmore & Shohl

      C.  County Office

      D.  Groundbreaking

A list of invoices is available for review in the Central Office.

      A. Summer School-Cherri West

      B. Smarter Balance Testing

      C. Financial Information


      A.  CGCC-  Dr. Carl Armour – April 21, 2015

      A. RESA 7- Dr. William Simmons


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